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My Perfect Day

There is a lot that can be said about that one perfect day. Here is what I envision as being as close as it gets:

Wake up to the sound of the ocean waves: it is early enough to still say good morning to the sun, but late enough to make me feel well rested. I grab my gear and go for a bicycle run. It is quiet, so quiet that I can almost hear my thoughts and with every yard covered I feel more and more energized. I come back home and start to prepare the breakfast: French toast for the love of my life, a nice fruit salad for our precious Alex and a fully loaded omelet for myself (yes, eating well in the morning is my duty). After the usual morning routine (eat, play, feed the dog, feed the cat, clean the baby, clean the dog, clean the cat, etc), the three of us plus the dog go for a long walk on the beach. It is a good opportunity for me and my wife to iron the last details of the day ahead of us: she has an 11am photo session, has to get some props, come up with some brilliant ideas and I have to do the usual morning research for my business. At 10:30 I become the baby sitter while my wife heads out. She gets back around 1 and it is a great time to stroll to a nearby café to enjoy a light lunch and lots of orange juice (yes, I do drink orange juice for lunch). On our way back, the baby is almost asleep so my wife takes him for his afternoon nap and she gladly joins him… I sit down behind my computer and I have my 2-3 hours of work (place trades, write blogs, answer emails, whatever that busine might be). It is 5:30 pm when our family goes for a swim in the ocean (well some of us at least). We also enjoy a delicious dinner on the beach straight from our 5-star picnic basket. Coming back home it is time for Alex’s bath and for his bed time story. He falls asleep, my wife watches her fav on TV and I have another couple of hours for my business. It is 11pm: time to go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3