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Location Independence

When I have to talk about my location independence, one thing and one thing only comes to my mind: what do I have to do to get to that point faster?

Regardless of the place I go to, my daily routine wouldn’t change. I only need to adjust my schedule to take into consideration the time zone difference and to make sure the internet connection is an excellent one. I would still wake up early, will go for a run, work in my business, and then utilize any “me” time I have to explore the area. The lunch/dinner time will become another good reason to try local restaurants and to find out hidden gems. The family time will become a time for excursions, discovery of new and interesting subjects for future discussions. Overall, the structure of my daily success plan won’t change, only needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Getting to this point where my office is pretty much everywhere, the discipline plays a key role: it is a vacation, but it is a working one and the source of income that pays for it and makes it possible again in the future. As long as it is clear to all involved that even if the view outside the “office” changes every week or month because of the time spent on the business itself, I definitely can succed.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9