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Finding My Focus

If I have to think about 2-3 challenges that really hold me back than the list will probably look like this:

1. Knowledge: and by this I mean everything from knowing what “product” to “sell”, to what methods to use to bring that product to the market, to how to increase the sales and so on. With so many different courses and help widely available, it is very difficult to even find a decent guide, a real, truly genuine one. Today everybody is a specialist and everybody knows how to do everything. How do I know that the mentor I chose is a good one? That the teacher has real intentions to get the pupil to be better than him/her?

2. Fear of unknown: if I quit my job today and decide to embark on the journey of becoming financially independent, what will happen to me in a month? What about in a year? 5 years? Will I be able to provide for my family? Will I be able to put a roof over our heads? Quite scary if you ask me..

3. Competition: How do I compete with already established names in the industry? And what are my chances to even scratch the surface when I am just at the beginning? I don’t have the money to stay afloat for years to survive a competition war. I don’t have the time to wait until I go from zero to hero moving one inch at the time. The other side of the coin is, that if I have a great idea, what prevents my competitors to “steal” it from me and by utilizing their vast potentials to make me vanish in  a couple of months…

And I can definitely add to my list the never-grow-old ones: money and time… :)

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1